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Iris Sommerlatte

Iris Sommerlatte founded the production company Osiris Media GmbH in 1997 which today has offices in Berlin an Frankfort. In 2005 she started together with Ali Saghri a second production company the ALINFilmproduktion located in Berlin. In 2014 she founded Osiris Media France based in the region Poitou-Charentes. She produced short-films, feature films, commercials, industry films, socials and web content. Her feature films include Les Déclassés (1999) by Tony Baillargeat, Europe – 99euro-films2 (feature film in episodes directed by different directors - 2003), Berlin am Meer (2008) directed by Wolfgang Eißler, Am Himmel der Tag (2012) directed by Pola Beck and Im Sommer wohnt er unten (2015) directed by Tom Sommerlatte. This films have been shown at various international festivals such as IFF Rotterdam (2000), IFF Locarno (2003), Torino Film Festival (2012), Int. Filmfestspiele Berlin (2015) and received internationally renowned awards and nominations such as the Golden Eye / German-Language Feature Film Competition 2012 at the 8th Zurich Film Festival, the Bavarian Film Prize 2013 in the category Young Producer's Prize, the Filmkunstpreis 2015 and the nomination for the European Film Awards 2015 in the category European Discoveries.

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