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Matthias is the younger of the two Landberg sons. As much as his brother David wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a successful investment banker, so determined is Matthias to lead a life far detached from career and ambition. Together with his girlfriend Camille and her 6-year-old son Etienne from a previous relationship, he lives in his family’s holiday home on the French Atlantic coast, simply living from day to day. The story begins when David and his wife Lena unexpectedly show up at the holiday home to spend their vacation. All of a sudden, Matthias’ carefree life becomes a thing of the past – with David come new rules and expectations. Directly upon arrival David insists that he and Lena have the bedroom Matthias and Camille have been using and wants to send Camille’s son Etienne, who he considers a mischief, to his father. Matthias accepts it all, albeit reluctantly. For him it has always been “what David wants, David gets!” Camille, however, doesn’t want to have any of David’s bossiness and resists his claim to superiority. She secretly decides to interfere with the brothers’ pecking order. And her female craftiness provides quite a few surprises!

PRODUCER Iris Sommerlatte
DIRECTOR Tom Sommerlatte
SCREENPLAY Tom Sommerlatte
EDITOR Anna Kappelmann

CAST Sebastian Fräsdorf, Alice Pehlivanyan, Karin Hanczewski, Godehard Giese, William Peiro

Worldsales Partner: ARRI MEDIA

      copyright © Osiris Media GmbH. All rights reserved.

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