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The charismatic Paris crook Le Normand, as he is called respectfully by his followers, is somewhere between a murder and a poet, between a gangster and a philosopher. Thirty years ago, this Nietzschean figure moved from the industrial port of Le Havre, but has never really left the town behind him. He is an expert at psychological manipulation, but knows that in the end he will be the victim of his own misbehaviour. To fight a war against rival gangs, he hires a man, Nico, who is however soon forced by one of the gangs to betray his boss. Le Normand takes his revenge by killing Sergio, a friend of Nico, and also brutally murdering his brother. Nico in turn wants revenge. He reports bravely to the headquarters of the philosopher-murderer in Le Havre for a duel. But then events take an unexpected turn.

GENRE Crime, Drama
PRODUCER Iris Sommerlatte
DIRECTOR Tony Baillargeat
SCREENPLAY Tony Baillargeat
EDITOR Franck-Olivier Chalard

CAST Philippe Pillon, Eric Borras, Tony Baillargeat, Allain Naron, Jo Prestia, Sophie Gueydon, Enrico Mattaroccia

FESTIVALS (Selection)
Filmfest Hamburg 1999 (tesafilm Reihe)
Max-Ophüls Filmfestival Saarbrücken 2000
International Filmfestival of Rotterdam 2000
International Filmfestival of Sochie 2000
International Filmfestival of Bratislava 2000
Filmfestival Braunschweig 2000
Verzaubert Filmfestival 2000
The New Filmfestival of New York 2001

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